Millwrights Local 1178 has reached a Memorandum of Agreement with the Cape Breton Construction Labour Relations Association Limited to amend the Cape Breton Millwrights Collective Agreement. Millwrights Local 1178 and the Cape Breton Industrial Projects Agreement Applicable to the Bear Head LNG Project, have also come to an agreement. The purpose of this notice is to advise members that we will be holding a meeting to review the changes to the Collective Agreement and vote on the renewal of the agreement for period 2018 until 2021, as well as review and approve the Bear Head LNG Agreement


Meeting Date:    Thursday, October 18, 2018

Meeting Time:    6:00 pm

Meeting Place:   Local 1178 Union Hall 139 Beaufort St, Stellarton NS


Please make every effort to attend this important meeting, your input as a union member is essential to this decision.


Jeff Richardson



Millwright Local 1178


Local 83 Election 2018

August 15, 2018


The following are the results of the nomination meeting held on August 13, 2018 for Local 83 Executive/Delegates to the Atlantic Canada Regional Council.

The election will take place on August 21st, 2018 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the following locations:

* Union Hall, 1000 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville NS

* Union Hall, Beaufort Avenue, Stellarton NS

* Rodd Inn Yarmouth NS

* Super8 Motel, 63 Cole Drive Windsor NS

All members are encouraged to come out and vote!


Position Nominees

Delegate #1/President :

–  Colin Keeping

–  Shane Butler

Delegate #2/Vice President :

–  Derek Gladney

–  Tony MacDougal

Delegate #3/Recording Secretary :

–  Chris Rhodes

–  James Dobrowolski

–  Joe Aitkens

Delegate #5/Treasurer :

–  Jason Cook

–  Troy Turnbull

Delegate #6/Trustee #1 :

–  Bruce Chaulk

–  Ted Rusbton

Delegate #7 /Trustee #2 :

–  Eric Daley

–  James Casey

–  Rob Watt

–  Scott Ferguson


The following positions were not contested:

Delegate #4/Financial Secretary : Scott Keeping

Delegate #8/Trustee #3 : Bernie Arsenault

Delegate #9/Conductor : Cliff Frank

Delegate #10/Warden : Peter Hicks

Candidates wishing to view the membership list are asked to contact Jeff Richarson 902 759 1922 in the New Glasgow Stellarton area and Scott Keeping 902 430 6882 in the Sackville area


Darrell Melvin Committee Chair

Two Members Lost In Shooting This Morning

The Atlantic Canada Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwrights and Allied Workers is grieving the loss of two of our members on the job this morning.

This mornings shooting in Fredericton claimed the lives of two members of UBC Local 911. Please take a moment to say a prayer for these fallen first responders.

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Voting Results of Local 83’s Newest Collective Agreement

Thank you to all members who came out to vote on the Local 83 Collective Agreement, July 11th 2018.

After all the ballots where counted, the majority of members were in favour (125-68) of the New Agreement.

Thanks again to all members who took time from their busy schedules to come out and vote.
Full Steam Ahead!


Scott Keeping
Provincial Manager Local 83

“Possible Construction Industry Strike”

There are persistent rumours in the construction industry of a possible strike. It is true that currently, four unions are in a legal strike position. Those unions include the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 721, Labourers International Union of North America, Local 615, Bricklayers and Allied Craftsworkers, Local 1 Nova Scotia, and the International Union of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers, Local 752. It is expected that those unions will initiate strike action in the very near future.

Carpenters Local 83 is NOT in a strike position. We have agreed in principle to new terms and conditions for our collective agreement and are in the process of ratifying the offer. It is expected that we will conclude a new agreement without the necessity of a strike.

You likely have questions about what is going to happen if there is a strike by the other unions. The first thing you must understand is that we are not on strike. Since we are not in a legal strike, we are legally required to go to work. Article 3 of our collective agreement with the employers prohibits us from taking any action which will interfere with or stop the efficient operation of construction work, unless we are in a legal strike position. Furthermore, the collective agreement provides that any worker who wrongfully interferes with work will be subjected to disciplinary action.

So, what happens if you arrive at work and there is a picket line? First of all, your Shop Steward should contact the Union immediately. If there is no Shop Steward, contact the Union yourself.

If your employer insists that you go to work, you are legally required to do so. However, it may be the case that due to the integrated functions of the various construction unions, your employer may not be able to perform any work so there will be no work for you. For example, some work will be dependant on the use of a crane. If there is no crane, there may be no work for you to perform.

If your employer requires you to work, but there is a picket line and an unsafe situation such as a physical barrier to accessing the jobsite, or a potential for physical violence, threats or harassment, DO NOT put yourself in an unsafe situation. Again, have your Shop Steward contact the Union immediately. We will liaise with the striking unions, the employer, the owner and the police to create a safe environment for you to access your worksite. Do not put yourself in an unsafe situation, and do not do anything to make a bad situation worse such as physically forcing your way through a picket line.

Hopefully, the parties can resolve their issues and a strike can be avoided. We will do our best to keep you informed, and to represent your interests.

Union Contact, Scott Keeping 902-430-6882


Scott Keeping
Provincial Manager Local 83

Mainland Nova Scotia Carpenters Collective Agreement

This notice is to inform the membership of Local 83 that there will be information sessions across Mainland Nova Scotia to discuss the new Carpenters Local 83 Collective Agreement. These are important information sessions, so please make every effort to attend.

Directly following each information session listed below, the membership of Local 83 will then have a ratification vote to determine acceptance of our newly negotiated contract.


Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: 6:00 p.m.


Union Hall, 1000 Sackville Drive


Union Hall, 139 Beaufort Street


Rodd Grand, 417 Main Street


Coastal Inn, 111 Warwick Street

*The regular scheduled monthly information session in Stellarton on July 11, 2018 will happen as usual following the ratification vote.

Yours fraternally,

Scott Keeping
Regional Manager