Code of Conduct

Commitment to Excellence

The best way to protect jobs and expand opportunities for our partners is to provide the most productive, skilled and safest workers. We believe that our partners must have a competitive edge allowing them to secure contracts and deliver quality work on time and on budget.

Our partners require safer worksites with no labour disruptions and where employees complete drug and alcohol testing.

The Atlantic Canada Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwright and Allied Workers have adopted a Commitment to Excellence that will give our members and partners a competitive advantage.

Standards for Excellence

Our Standards for Excellence shall include, but are not limited to:

  • No unwarranted absenteeism.
  • Timeliness – arriving at work on time, fit and prepared for work with the proper tools and clothing, working a full day and keeping breaks to the prescribed limit.
  • Productivity, safety and cooperation.
  • Strict adherence to established drug and alcohol policies.
  • No personal business conducted on company time.
  • Respecting company property, employer’s tools and the tools of co-workers.
  • Adhering to employer site rules, work procedures, policies and directives.

Honouring Our Commitment

The Commitment to Excellence shall be honored by:

  • Teamwork: Every member will work with their foremen on every task to deliver a quality product in all respects.
  • Compliance: The Atlantic Canada Council of Carpenters Millwright and Allied Workers will work with the management team to monitor and enforce these standards of excellence..

Enforcing our Commitment

The Commitment to Excellence shall be enforced by the removal from the job site, any member who chooses to not comply with the Commitment to Excellence. These individuals may be brought before the Atlantic Canada Council Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwright and Allied Workers where appropriate corrective action will be taken.