Cooperators’ Information Session

You’re Invited! Learn how you can save. Co-operators is hosting two information sessions for ACRC members. Learn about the advantages you receive by insuring with Co-operators Group
Home and Auto Insurance Program. Register now by scanning or clicking the link below and attend the webinar and you will be included in our prize draw for $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Date: Thursday August 31st, 2023

Time: 1:00pm –1:30 AST

Follow this link to register for this session:,rsFvDHdv8EKODx2-2ePaVQ,zLCXJtrdyEm7B478bJ4h9Q,bvk354mZeUKV0M5-t63eUw,UpkvbuG9AEyo-ht2_dhu3g,XDJK2exLgUOZuEPtI799Qw?mode=read&tenantId=2e0565a8-53ce-4c58-9dda-5ea21ae6b16d

Date: Thursday August 31st, 2023

Time: 6:00pm –6:30 AST

Follow this link to register for this session:,rsFvDHdv8EKODx2-2ePaVQ,zLCXJtrdyEm7B478bJ4h9Q,rwM1v6Sty0y14WBHl6i3JA,4aO138Ojxk-dNR-xTU1Vsg,UEEG78pSxUyDxfnW0oeo-w?mode=read&tenantId=2e0565a8-53ce-4c58-9dda-5ea21ae6b16d

Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee Scholarship Application – CMC NL

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), of the Carpenter Millwright College NL, have established a scholarship to ensure continuing participation in the trades for generations of UBC members and signatory contractors. To learn more about the scholarship download the application form below.

Volunteers – National Apprenticeship Competition

The UBC is proudly celebrating its 29th National Apprenticeship Competition in Paradise on June 8-10, 2023.

The ACRC and CMC NL will require volunteers leading up to, during and after the event to assist with set up, tours, booths, teardown, etc.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call Alexandria Thorne at the Union Hall with your availability 709-364-5430 ext 200 or email