3rd Year Apprentice

Training UBC’s future leaders

Educating future leaders who put what they learn into practice on the job site lies at the core of the 3rd Year Apprentice Program. Administered through the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC), the program teaches apprentices that professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude are what makes them successful leaders. Contractors also see gains from the program as participants return to the job site refreshed and ready to promote what they learned and put their experience into practice.

OLD CITC East ViewParticipants stay at the 1 million sq. ft. UBC International Training Centre in Las Vegas, NV. Although the four-day program is intensive, members who have attended often remark that the experience is second to none and invaluable to their construction career.

We want to hear from you!

Did you attend the UBC 3rd Year Apprentice Program? If so, we would like to hear about your experience, what you learned, and what you took back to the job site. Tell us about it!

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Here are some comments we’ve received about the 3rd Year Apprentice Program:

I was so impressed with this training facility and its instructors, well done! Still talking about my experience. Thank you!
– Paul J. Local 1386

The biggest tool I was given was the confidence and understanding that people need to be trained and taught the skills to do a job right.
– Grant S. Local 579

Our goals are safety first, quality always. To be the best work force and to always meet or exceed contractor’s requirements will lead to more market share!
– Garnet D. Local 83


Looking for more information?

If you are interested in attending the program, or would like more details, please contact Len Bryden, Executive Director of Training and Programs, at lbryden@acrc.ca or 902-454-5100.