On August 12th, 1881, Peter J. McGuire organized a convention in Chicago for 36 carpenters from 11 different cities. And with that, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters was born.

From 1881 to 2020, our union has accomplished so much. We’ve weathered many storms, but always come out stronger. As we continue to mentor and educate the newest generation of union carpenters, we always uphold the UBC’s legacy of hard work, top-notch training, and strong leadership.

ACRC Executive 2020

Yesterday we had an exciting day at each of the offices across Atlantic Canada. We held our very first Virtual Delegate Convention and elected our ACRC Executive. We want to say a big thank you to all our ACRC Delegates for participating and for everyone who ran for positions.

We are happy to present your 2020 ACRC Executive:
Executive Secretary-Treasurer – Debbie Romero
President – Gord Jacobs
Vice President – Mike Williams
Exec Committee Member 1 – Jim Dawson
Exec Committee Member 2 – Tony MacDougall
Trustee 1 – Jeff Richardson
Trustee 2 – Joe Madore
Trustee 3 – Paul Pelley
Conductor – Alan Kornelson
Warden – Darrell Melvin


Meet Brother Blake Stevenson!

This past April, Blake was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive and potentially terminal brain cancer, which in Blake case, cannot be removed with surgery. The only treatment will be chemotherapy and radiation. Now, although this diagnosis is terrifying, especially in a time when COVID 19 makes it difficult for people to visit, hug, and support Blake physically, we can all support Blake and his beautiful family financially.  We are reaching out to each and everyone of you, as Blake’s friends and co-workers, for your help. 

Over the last couple months, there have been many members join together and shave their head to support Brother Blake. If you are able, please contribute what you can, even the smallest donation can go a long way.

For those of you that know Blake, know that he has a boxing background, which explains his great exercise and workout routines, but it also means that he is the definition of a FIGHTER!  We know that he is going to put all his strength and energy into knocking Glioblastoma out, but he is going to need all of us in his corner for every single round!

National Nursing Week

Happy National Nursing Week!

Nursing Week is meant to recognize the contributions that Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses constantly make to our friends and loved ones lives. Their hard work and dedication has never been more apparent than during this pandemic. Please join me in giving a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of them.

Deb Romero
ACRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer