Grand Falls-Windsor Information Picket

An out of province contractor is employing out of province workers to do the turbine overhaul at the Nalcor hydro electric plant in Grand Falls-Windsor, NL This is work that should be done by local NL workers, especially with a crown corporation. There are many millwrights and other trades that could use the 6-8 months of work.

We have talked to Nalcor and government officials about this, but with no response. As a result, we are staging an information demonstration in GFW to notify the public and pressure change.

Thursday, September 15 – We will be meeting at the Mount Peyton Hotel (214 Lincoln Rd, Grand Falls-Windsor) at 7 p.m. to organize the demonstration.

Friday, September 16 – Set up demonstration at MHA office at 3 Cromer Ave, Grand Falls-Windsor starting at 9 a.m.

We need your help to put out the message that NL workers should be given priority for work in NL.

Read the press release here