Happy Thanksgiving!

Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the Executive Board and staff of the Atlantic Canada Regional Council I would like to extend warm wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to our membership and their families.  Undoubtedly 2020 has been a difficult and challenging year.  Covid restrictions put in place did not allow for gatherings in April so family Easter celebrations were out of the question.  Things have loosened up a bit so we are able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family. 

Construction workers have been deemed essential during the pandemic and you have played a very important role in keeping the economy going through the greatest crisis in our lifetime.  Each day our members go to work to keep our provinces and our country going strong.  I speak on behalf of all Board members and staff when I say we are very proud to have the honor of serving you Brothers and Sisters.

 I urge you to follow safety protocols when you are on the jobsite and out and about.  Wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer has become the norm – just a few short months ago we never would have believed that to be possible.  It can be trying at times and we would like to ease up on restrictions but the “Atlantic Bubble” and the rules in place have made us the safest place in the country to live.

There have been many new benefits and programs introduced by government to assist Canadians that have found themselves out of work due to the pandemic.  We are  in the process of doing further updates on our website for your information and we will also be sending out a mass email in the coming days.  Monthly newsletters to members are being sent out to keep you updated for your region and we are hoping to be able to start conducting safe membership meetings in locations where possible by late October or early November- pending government restrictions.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

EST Romero